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Backstreet’s back, alright! (or Tunes & Tarts, whatevs) May 7, 2017

So….it’s been a minute. Or 7 years. Same diff. 65GiuFnyEuMjm.gif

I’ve slowly been reintroducing myself to journaling, writing, etc. and have been thinking a little bit about reviving this blog. It was fun, while it lasted, but alas, life got too crazy and I abandoned it. It has been a funny embarrassing blast from the past reading through my old blogs. I was a 20 somethin’ kid livin’ it up. Not much has changed, except almost everything.

Please allow me to sum up the past 6 years for you:

I met the love of my life. In 2011, G and I met at a friend’s house and flirted a lot but he didn’t ask for my number. Ran into him three months later at a party for that same friend and he didn’t hesitate to get my information that time. He asked me out the next day. We’ve been inseparable ever since.


Our first photo 😍

Our three year wedding anniversary is this month.

I opened my own business. I graduated from Pastry School and worked a few different gigs before finally opening my own shop in a 1965 Airstream trailer at The Yacht Club on College Ave. in Fayetteville. G graduated from college that same year and accepted a position at The Alotian Club in Little Rock, so I decided to make the jump to legit food truck and The Pie Hole was born.


We lived in Little Rock for less than a year before the opportunity for an amazing position at Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas was offered to G. We decided it was too good to pass up and he left me in Little Rock, while he lived the bachelor life in Dallas (I really like to play this up that he “abandoned” me in LR before our first year anniversary…in reality, we were both working non-stop!).


Shameless plug

Due to the success the Pie Hole was having, I decided to stay in LR for 6 months before making the dreaded move to the Big D. It’s a funny joke I tell…when marrying G, I told him I’d be willing to move anywhere with him for his job, EXCEPT for Dallas. But I’d said the vows, and I happen to adore him, so I finally made the move.

Dallas was not easy for a small food truck. Their laws are completely asinine and I wanted to give up more than once. But G loved his job and everyone he worked with. The Pie Hole was finally starting to find her stride when G came home from work one day and told me about a job opening in Colorado. I actually got tears in my eyes when he told me he was considering applying. He could’ve said he was applying to a job in BFE Nebraska (no offense, Nebraskans), and I would’ve been excited. But the fact that it was in Vail Valley, Colorado, in a small town high in the mountains, and my sister only two hours away…needless to say, I was excited.

He applied for the job and almost immediately had to leave for two weeks to work a golf tournament in Los Angeles. The application process was long and included an intense questionnaire and several phone call and face time interviews. Of course, while he was still in L.A., he got the call that he’d gotten the job! In true G fashion, he called me and told me he didn’t get it and then told me he did. I went from trying to hide my disappointment, to tears of joy to being so mad at him! I’ve never been so proud of him and his hard work. Within two unbelievable hectic and short weeks, I was following a U-Haul nearly 1,000 miles to our new home. 16807645_817758558704_8357614720548641159_n


Still can’t believe he got everything to fit!


So, here we are. We currently live in Eagle, Colorado, 30 minutes West of Vail.


Pardon our hair, it’s windy up here!

The Pie Hole truck hasn’t made the trek out here yet, but I’m working on it. That’s a long drive with no cruise control! I am still baking pies for orders, though, until the truck gets here and I can book events.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. We live where people vacation.   17814488_826678458154_42501082793044339_oI hope I never take it for granted. Just driving to the grocery store, I’m amazed at how gorgeous this place is.

The only negative about living here, is that we are so far from the rest of our friends and family. Dallas was a short trip to Fayetteville to cure my home-sickness. That’s not really the case, anymore. That brings us to why I’m resurrecting this relic of a blog. I hope this can be a way for everyone to keep up to date with G and I, as well as a way for me to document all of our adventures. Join us, won’t you?




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