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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! December 22, 2010

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while…I guess at some point I’ll quit apologizing and just realize that you guys know it takes me some time to get time to write a new post! (As I told my mother, I have to have a life to be able to write about my life!)
JJ Grey and Mofro came to George’s a few weeks ago.  As always, he delivered an amazing show.  They played several Mofro classics (A Woman, Lochloosa), as well as plenty of new tunes from their latest album, Georgia Warhorse. Unfortunately, with a venue as small as George’s, the place was packed to capacity and it was hard to manuever the crowd, much less dance. Seriously, I’ve seen that place full, but it was over flowing on this night. People were standing, sitting, crouching, jumping onto and into every space possible. It was fun to see, but not fun to be in. We were near the front row for the first half, but the speakers were starting to rattle my insides, so we finally made it to the back where we could dance around somewhat comfortably.

JJ Grey...a.k.a. my fiance!

 After Mofro finished, The Dead Kenny G’s played up front in the lounge. The Dead Kenny G’s consists of Mike Dillon (of Mike Dillon and the Go Go Jungle and Hairy Apes BMX), Skerik Skerik and Brad Houser. Dillon is a fast and furious percussionist, while Skerik is a loud and frenzied saxophonist. As thier band name implies, they don’t exactly fancy smooth Kenny G-type jazz music. Instead, they are rough, frenetic and busy. They are fun to watch and even more fun to dance to. Not to mention, both are regular Jam Cruise artists, so this show definitely got me pumped for January 4th!

Mike Dillon

Skerik Skerik

Again, I’ll apologize for the picture quality. This time, I doubly apologize because the pictures are from an ancient blackberry. But fear no more, Santa (mom) came a little early for me and I got a new iphone!! Thank goodness! And this new iphone has so many updated features compared to my old, stolen iphone. So take that, iphone thief!

Speaking of Jam Cruise, have I mentioned that I’m excited?? Hopefully I can scramble together some costumes (Touch of Class Zombie Prom, Zebra Night, Jungle Boogie Night, Future Night) in the two weeks we have til we set sail!! Let’s be honest, I probably won’t, but I’ll definitely consider it. I’m just ready to get on the boat!

I was hoping to have some exciting work related news to share with everyone, but unfortunately, it fell through. Turns out the owner of the cupcake shop had not been very honest with some of us. I’ll try not to get into too much detail, but the end result is that we have a new owner. I don’t know what this means for me or my baking career. But let’s just say, I’m keeping my eye open for other opportunities. On a related note, I finished my finals for this semester of pastry school, with all A’s! I have one more class to take next semester and then I’ll be finished! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. But it will feel good to finally be done with school!

Now it’s NOT time for the Creeper Story of the Day! I am so happy to say that the relationship with the boy who came to the cupcake shop looking for me has blossomed quite nicely. After seeing or speaking to each other on a nearly daily basis for two or so weeks, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes! It is scary and exciting and wonderful. It’s been a long…let me reiterate…looooong time since I have felt this comfortable and sure about allowing a boy into my life. My theory has been that I pretty much love my life. Why let some stoopid boy (because most of them are) come in and have the opportunity to make me not love my life? But he makes me laugh and smile all the time and he’s honest and trustworthy, so I’m giving it a shot. He’s moving permanently to Fayetteville in a few weeks, so we are both looking forward to that and getting to know each other even better. (I should mention that a huge perk of this relationship is that he is several inches taller than me, so I think it’s time to break out the heels!!!)

To replace the C.O.T.D. (Creeper of the Day…duh) story, I’ll share an interesting/funny/random story. Some friends and I went to Mickey Finn’s Sunday night. I spent all day finishing up my Christmas shopping so I decided to reward myself with half-price night at Finn’s. Amazing. As we’re sitting there, I saw my upstairs neighbor walk in. I had heard that he was somewhat of a drinker and it was apparent that he had had a few drinks that night. This guy is home at such random hours of the day but when he is home his music is blaring and it sounds like he hosts aerobics classes. It has often kept me up at night or woken me up in the middle of the night. Since I had a little liquid courage of my own, I decided to approach him. Besides him kissing my hands multiple times and being generally wasted face, he apologized profusely for the loud music. He admitted he has “a really amazing sound system”.  Amazing wasn’t exactly the word I had in mind, but yeah. He said that he gets home really late from work at one of the local restaurants and when he gets home sometimes he just needs to dance! Haha. I knew it! Close enough to aerobics classes. I told him that I was pretty sure his sound system was placed directly over my bed and as I’m sitting here finishing up my post, I can hear his music but it’s not near as loud and it’s not thumping down into my bedroom. So..mission accomplished! (Finally…after two years of me being too chicken to approach the guy. See mom…drinking does have it’s good qualities!)

My friends and I had a little holiday get together party that I did some baking for.  We played dirty santa (where you steal each other’s gifts, not X rated Santa..although that could be fun, too) and a few card games. It was fun to get the “core group” together before everyone parted ways for the holidays. All day my sister ZZ had been telling me she was on her way to our dad’s house in Illinois (sending me texts like she wishes she were on the Hogwarts train or something?? Sounds like a problem the doctor needs to take care of …but anyway). When I walked in to our friend Sarah’s house, she was standing in the kitchen waiting to surprise me! I should have known. She is totally our father’s daughter…loves to pull pranks and crap (not to mention that nose!). 

Zeezers and Lo

Moving on, I made a Santa Bread…if you’re interested in making it, it’s really easy.  Just find a basic bread recipe, let it proof, shape it into the Santa face, let it proof again for 30 or so minutes, brush with egg yolk and red tinted egg yolk for hat, cheeks, nose, etc, and bake! (Ours ended up mangled and disfigured and covered in cheese dip by the end of the night, but it was delish!)
Santa bread, Xmas wreaths, sugar cookies, walnut fudge, no bake cookies and chocolate covered pretzels

 Well, I hope everyone has a magical and miraculous Christmas and all that stuff. I’m a little Scroogey right now seeing as it’s been relatively warm here the past couple of days. We don’t have even a chance of snow on Christmas day or anywhere near it, but it does look like it will be getting a lot colder, so that’s something, I guess. I am looking forward to some people opening up the gifts I got them. And I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the ice cream maker that I’m 95% positive I’m getting (Right, Santa??? I even told you about the Williams and Sonoma sale!!) Seriously, I hope everyone has a great holiday and gets to spend it with whomever they want to spend it with.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to write again before New Year’s/Jam Cruise! Merry Christmas everyone. Love you all!




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