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Dear Friday, if you were a tall, handsome, funny man, I’d marry you. November 12, 2010

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Ahhh….aren’t Friday’s great?? I, for one, am a HUGE fan of Friday’s. Not just because it’s the beginning of the weekend, but also because it’s pretty much the only afternoon I have free to do anything (laundry, dishes, know, the fun stuff). So I decided I would write a new post to make myself feel better for not doing any of the above mentioned chores.

ZZ and Lo

First of all, today is my sister’s birthday!! Happy birthday ZZ!  Unfortunately, this is the first birthday in a long time that we haven’t been able to celebrate together (she moved to OK recently…which is basically the opposite of ok). But I’m hoping we’ll get to have a few glasses (bottles) of champagne soon.
Last night was Fayetteville’s Top Chef and Rock Stars event. The event itself was..ok. The cupcake shop didn’t win for best desert this year (we did last year). And we lost to none other than my school! I was full of mixed emotions (not really). We had a chocolate hazelnut cupcake with a house-made nutella icing topped with hazelnuts. They were pretty’s just hard to present a cupcake as a plated dessert. But everyone in attendance seemed to really enjoy them, which is what really matters. My school had crepes. I didn’t make the crepes and that’s why I have no shame in saying they were chewy and tough. And I’m about 98.5% percent sure they were a day old. Oh well.
I had already worked a full shift at the shop and had been running around the square all day because we also donated 300 cuppycakes to the Ozark Literacy Council event. By the time the event actually started, I was ex-hausted! So I stood there at our table and smiled while handing out cupcakes like a good little pastry chef. The open bar had been calling my name pretty much as soon as I knew it existed. I resisted for the first part of the evening…didn’t know if I should really be drinking “on the job”, or if people wanted to get a cupcake from a sauced up chef. But as soon as they announced the winners (i.e. not us) I hit it hard (remember people, I’m trying to save $$, so it really was just the fiscally responsible thing for me to do). I also had a chance to sample some of the other restaurant’s food. Nothing too impressive. Ella’s had a bread pudding that was amazing, though. They also won for best soup. But I didn’t try the soup (naturally).
So by the end of the evening I was feeling not too shabby. I was already friends with some of the Ella’s chefs and I made friends with the ones I didn’t.  We all met up at Mickey Finn’s on Dickson. On Thursday nights they have $2 wells and beers, which is just super. We ended up hopping to a few other places but it was a great time had by all. I love “kitchen” people. The college I went to (gotta rep for Hendrix!!) didn’t have a greek life (thankfully) but I feel the same sense of comradarie with my kitchen people as fraternity brothers have (I imagine) with each other. I spent a good part of the evening trying to convince Bill, the manager, that he needed to hire another pastry chef in addition to their already amazing chef, Cody (another Hendrix alum!). I’m waiting for my call, Bill!!! (I have a feeling that I’ll be waiting for a long time).
Funny sidenote, I took one of the guys home, he was just a little too sauced to be driving. His name is Justus and he is the bass player of The Poggs and he is such an awesome dude. I met him a few years ago at the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards. It was good to see him, he has a wife and baby and just doesn’t seem to be out much. On the way to his house, I told him that just in case anything happened (anything being a cop), to grab my phone and call “momma”. He said “m a m a??” “No,  Justus, m o m m a”. “oooohh ok. deal” haha. Luckily, Justus didn’t have to make that call. I don’t think Momma would’ve been all too pleased, either. But it’s good to know she’s always there for me if I need her (or her legal connections).
So, today’s edition of Creeper Story is being revised as “Yet-to-be-Seen if He’s a Creeper (but let’s be honest, probably is) Story”. One of the guys last night had his roommate pick him up (I love responsible drunks). We talked for a bit. He had not been drinking for several hours on end, like the rest of us, and it was nice to have a conversation with someone who wasn’t slurring their words. I’m not even sure what we talked about (I, on the other hand, probably was slurring). But it was a good chat (THAT much, I can remember!) and I gave him a hug when we parted ways. This morning when I made it to work, one of the other bakers told me that a couple of guys had been in that morning looking for me. I knew it had to have been one of those guys. A short time later, I answered the phone and it was the sober guy! He paid me several compliments and then asked me out (which, FYI, is a great tactic). He said it was so refreshing to see a beautiful, intelligent woman (I know those sound like my words, but I promise, they were his!) that was sober and could have a conversation. (I didn’t seem to find a chance to tell him that I was, in fact, the opposite of sober). We exchanged numbers and we might meet up this weekend. I mean…you gotta give the guy some credit for having the audacity to hunt me down at work! (Or is that a red flag? I always get the two confused…) 
In between the craziness that this week has been, I met up with my friend Anna and her new pooch Tallulah at the brand spankin’ new dog park of Fayetteville. Lola had an amazing time. Sometimes I take her for granted. She is so loving and sometimes that’s just annoying (this might explain why I’m single). But seeing her play with all of the other dogs and humans, I was reminded that not only is she one of the cutest freaking dogs alive, she’s also one of the sweetest. It’s always good to be reminded of how great the pets and people are around you 🙂 I’m hoping to take her back on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Fayetteville decided to open the dog park right before winter. And I just don’t think I can find an xxs doggie coat warm enough for Lola Belle to be out in the harsh winter elements.

She's too quick for my slow camera

Well, I’ve got to make a few cakes for my Classical Pastries and Desserts class tomorrow, so I better actually go get something accomplished. Just a quick reminder, that offer for anyone to come do my dishes still remains open!

Hogs play tomorrow. If we don’t win, I’ll give each of my subscribers $10. Promise. Wooo Pig Soooie!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Smooches. Lo.


4 Responses to “Dear Friday, if you were a tall, handsome, funny man, I’d marry you.”

  1. Keith Says:

    As a former blogger, I remember how much I enjoyed receiving comments….!! So, here’s a special comment for ya…!!!


    P.S. If I return the plate that you left at my house, will it be “magically” refilled with beautiful, tasty goodies????!!!!!

    • Ha…thanks for the comment! You should write again..I’m sure it’d be a great read! Regarding the plate…sure! But that means we’d have to see eachother more often than what we do now!

  2. Momma Says:

    Yes, Momma is always here for you…but I can’t speak for the “legal connections”!

    I am somewhat disappointed – after all our chats and wonderful books you’ve been given, I see you skipped the chapters on red flags!

    And I’m anxiously awaiting my 10 bucks!

  3. ZZ Says:

    haha, you always make me laugh Lo. I love ya!

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