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Farrell’s and Fatty November 8, 2010

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Happy Monday everyone! As ALO says “Monday Monday Monday, see what’s become of my someday…”.

Saturday was a great end to a busy and fantastic week! I met up with some friends at Farrell’s on Dickson St. to watch the Hogs game. It was my first time there. I don’t think I can accurately describe the service because, after all, it was game day, and they were SLAMMED! Our waitress seemed pretty exasperated and even had a little attitude at times. But the menu looked great (if not somewhat limited, especially for my vegetarian friend who’s ONLY option was fries). I decided to forego the Muenster cheese fries for a salad wedge with bleu cheese and apple-smoked bacon with house-made ranch dressing (gotta be in a swimsuit soon, ya know?!). It was yummy! And seeing as this was my “last meal” before getting serious about saving money for Jam Cruise, I ordered the steak! Unfortunately, it was not as good as I had anticipated. It had a good amount of fat that I had to cut off. Even worse, as I was eating a perfectly chosen piece, I bit down expecting juicy meaty goodness, but instead………it was a tendon. Or something of the sort. Whatever it was, it was terrible and hurt my jaw for the good part of the evening. By the end of the night (and several cocktails) my friends and I started referring to it as “cow knee”. Yuck!! So, all in all, I think Farrell’s has lots of potential and I’ll probably give it another shot at some point. But not on game day. (Hogs whooped up on the Gamecocks like nobody’s business, btw!)

After dinner and the game, we all headed to Rogue to watch Groovement and Fatty Lumpkin play. I have quite the history with Groovement, and I won’t get into it, but given what it was, it was a good show. It was great to see those guys and to hear some of my favorite songs of theirs. Adam Becker is one of the best keyboardists in Fayetteville, in my humble opinion. I also think he makes those Groovement shows half of what they are! It’s so fun to see someone having such a great time on stage.

Adam Becker doin' what he does best

Fatty Lumpkin was up next. These guys (guys being Kelyn Crapp, Seth Myers and Matthew Dixon) hail from Denton, TX and are on the verge of making it “big time” (whatever that means), I’m sure. If you made it to the Outpost Tent at Wakarusa on Thursday..say around know what I’m talking about. Out of all the shows I saw at Waka, their show definitely ranks in the top 5. They have such a heavy, funky, groove, it’s hard to tell that there are only three guys on stage. They all have their own sound but work perfectly off of each other. It’s refreshing to see the three work together on stage, instead of being so rehearsed that there is no room to play around. The guitarist, Kelyn Crapp, is unbelievably talented and so fun to watch. Kind of like watching (I imagine) Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa. The way he moves, interacts with the audience (sometimes its as if he gets lost in his own music, looks up, realizes everyone else is mesmerized too and smiles) and his facial expressions are a show in itself. Seth Myers is a force to be reckoned with, on his own, and is afterall, the lead singer of Fatty. His heavy bass lines take control every once in a while, and when they do, you can’t help but get up and dance. Fatty Lumpkin is a testament that you don’t have to be loud, boisterous and noisy (a.k.a. obnoxious) to get an audience’s attention. Just get a beat going that the audience can’t help but move to, and you’ve got it! Not to mention, they’re all really nice, down to earth guys (example: they had to hit the road back to TX that night because Kelyn sings in his church choir every Sunday. Isn’t that just precious?).

Kelyn Crapp, Seth Myers and Matthew Dixon of Fatty Lumpkin

Kelyn Crapp, Seth Myers and Matthew Dixon of Fatty Lumpkin

So I’ll take this moment to apologize for my crappy pictures. I’m currently using my phone but hopefully I’ll get a decent camera soon. Just lettin’ ya’ll know, I know they suck. Workin’ on it.

I suppose this is the “Random Story of the Day” part of the blog. Once again, today’s random story has to do with a random, VERY creepy person who for some reason is drawn to me (I say for “some reason”, but the truth is it’s because I’m a human magnet for creepers. End of story). Anyway, when I first walked into Rogue I was giving hugs to all of the Fatty guys whom I hadn’t seen in a while. Immediately a man walks up and acts like he is about to say something. I assumed he knew the Fatty guys. Instead, he looks at me and holds his hand out to shake mine. I look at him perplexed because I have never seen this guy before. He says “Oh, sorry, thought I knew you from somewhere.” I tell my friend Sarah about the weird encounter as we sit down, mainly because the guy was sitting one table over. Well, long story short, he approaches me approximately five different times. Every time he holds his hand out to shake mine and pitifully tries to start small talk with me. I tell him several times I’m not interested and that I just wanted to be with my friends (I was trying really hard to be polite!). He then goes to my friend’s husband, Joe, and tries to talk to him about the situation. Joe does a pretty good job of diffusing the situation and lets him know that he’s not getting anywhere with me. I figure, ok..another dude just told him to go away. Surely that’ll do the trick, right? Of course not. Shortly after, I was standing at the bar and I see him out of the corner of my eye approaching quickly. I was contemplating telling the bartender to kindly show the creeper out, but instead I just hastened to my table. Sarah sees the situation and, as she is apt to do, takes care of the situation like the pro (and awesome teacher) that she is. I’m not exactly sure what she said to him, but it was kinda loud and from what I could tell it was something along the lines of  “Leave her the f*** alone!” He left shortly after. Thank god for awesome friends!!!

I have a crazy busy week ahead of me. Besides classes, registering for class and regular work schedule at the cupcake shop, I’m helping serve soup for my school at the Empty Bowls benefit tomorrow night (which I also made 200 rolls and naan for tonight). On Thursday, I’m manning the cupcake shop’s booth at Top Chef and Rock Stars. I’m hoping that will be a fun night and not just all business! And somewhere in there I’ve got to train for the Atlanta Thanksgiving 5K and get my application in for my passport (woooo hoooo!!!). In a related note, if anyone would like to come do some dishes or clean my house in general or hell, even take Lola on a walk, feel free!!

I almost forgot, tonight is the much anticipated return of CONAN!!! I remember when he went off the air, besides being deeply depressed, that it seemed like November was sooo far away. I can’t believe it’s finally here. I am ecstatic that he is back on TV, even if it is on TBS. Although the lack of Conan has introduced me to the hilarity and (usually) awesome musical acts of Jimmy Kimmel, I’m ready for my ginger to be back. Hope you all watch!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone has a great week. Remember, EVERY day is a special occasion!

Smooches. Lo.


3 Responses to “Farrell’s and Fatty”

  1. ZZ Says:

    Love it and love you!!

  2. Britt Says:

    Im gettin it. You are a special girl arent ya? You sound busy as shit! Is there no cursing on this blog?

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